Census Bureau Mobile App dwellr: What’s Your Dream Location?

Late last month, the Census Bureau unveiled dwellr, a new mobile app aimed at matching individuals with their dream relocation venue.

The app offers a quiz of user preferences for their ideal living conditions (City or country? Bike or drive to work? Beach or mountains?) and then uses American Community Survey data to generate a list of top twenty-five best matches.

dwellr can also use the GPS feature in a user’s mobile device to pull up ACS data on their current location.

From the dwellr press release:

“With dwellr, people considering a move, homebuyers, travelers and military families can easily access and explore information on U.S. towns and cities based on data compiled through the American Community Survey,” Census Bureau Director John Thompson said. “With dwellr and our previously released America’s Economy app, the Census Bureau is using 21st century technology to accomplish our centuries-old mission to measure America and make the results accessible to the public anytime, anywhere on any device.”