Blalock Lecture Series for the 2020 ICPSR Summer Program

Blalock Lectures are an integral part of the ICPSR Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research. They are presented in the evening from 7:30 to 9 p.m. EDT. These lectures are all FREE to join and open to the public. Each lecture will be available via this Zoom link: 2020 Blalock Zoom Webinars. Each lecture is recorded and will be available on the Summer Program YouTube channel in this playlist: 2020 Blalock Lecture Series.

July 14: “Privacy Considerations In the Use of Administrative Data” – Dani Hochfellner, New York University
July 15: “The ISR Program for Research on Black Americans and Archived Data at ICPSR” – Robert Taylor, University of Michigan; David Thomas, University of Michigan
July 16: “Surveying Voters on Election Day: Methodological Issues in Exit Polling” – Dan Merkle, ABC News
July 21: “Choices and Challenges in Pre-election Polling” – Scott Keeter, Pew Research Center
July 22: “Research Developments in the Study of Racialized Resentment” – David Wilson, University of Delaware
July 28: “The American National Election Study and Archived Data at ICPSR” – Vincent Hutchings, University of Michigan; David Thomas, University of Michigan
July 29: “Citizen Forecasting: The Formation of Voter Expectations and Their Aggregate Accuracy” – Mary Stegmaier, University of Missouri
July 30: “Preparing to Teach for the First (or Second) Time” – Lynette Hoelter, University of Michigan; Esther Wilder, Lehman College; Andrea Benjamin, University of Oklahoma
August 4: “Statistical Models of Election Outcomes” – Andrew Gelman, Columbia University
August 5: “Health Disparities across the Life Cycle” – DeAnnah Byrd, Wayne State University
August 6: “Detroit Metropolitan Area Community Study and Archived Data at ICPSR” – Jeff Morenoff, University of Michigan
August 11: “The Chitwan Valley Family Study and Archived Data at ICPSR” – Bill Axinn, University of Michigan; Lynette Hoelter, University of Michigan
August 12: “Identity Development among Young Black Men” – Lloyd Talley, University of Michigan

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