Annual Report 2020: How the Pandemic Defined 2020

This annual report by Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis offers in-depth analyses of the economic impacts wrought by COVID-19. It identifies real-time economic trends and examines various policy responses during this pandemic period. It highlights the effects of the pandemic on financial and labor markets, fiscal policy, and international trade.

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FRED Has a New Website

Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis is celebrating two anniversaries. FRED is a trusted source of economic data for 30 years and ALFRED is celebrating 15 years of providing vintage versions of economic data. To mark these occasions, FRED has a new website. Victors can browse data by category, release, source, tag, and release calendar.

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Updates from IPUMS

Over 300 integrated variables from the 2019 NHIS are now available from IPUMS NHIS. Data from the February 2021 basic monthly survey and supplemental COVID-19 variables from January and February 2021 are in IPUMS CPS. IPUMS PMA (Performance Monitoring for Action), a harmonized version of the international family planning survey series now has a new blog to help researchers find and use family planning data. It will offer example code and tips for working with different topics related to reproductive health.

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2019 NHIS Redesign

For the first time in over 20 years the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) redesigned its questionnaires in 2019. Information that were previously collected for all family members are now only collected for sample adults and/or sample children. The interviewer completes a household rostering interview to collect basic demographic information of all people who usually live or stay in the household. The redesigned sample adult and sample child questionnaire structures consist of four components: the annual core, rotating core, sponsored content (sustaining and periodic), and emerging topics. 2019 data and documents are now available from NHIS site. To learn more about NHIS redesign, please review this report below.

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UW-Madison Data Storage Finder

The UW-Madison Data Storage Finder is designed to help researchers navigate the centralized campus research data storage options. This tool presents all data storage options in one interface and compare and contrast them. These storage services are also available for teaching, outreach, or administrative use cases.

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The 2021 ICPSR Summer Program, Registration Now Open!

The ICPSR Summer Program offers a comprehensive curriculum in research design, statistics, quantitative methods, machine learning, and data analysis. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the mode of instruction will be online. The four-week sessions will be held between June 21 and August 13. The short workshop program will begin in May and extend into August. Affiliates with UW-Madison get a member discount in fee because of our ICPSR membership. You can apply for over 50 scholarships. Scholarship applications are due on March 29.

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Roper Center U.S. State Polls

The Roper Center at Cornell University has made questions from U.S. state-level polls available in the Roper iPoll database. It includes exact question wording, sample size, and survey sampling method. These state polls are from major national polling organizations and some of the oldest and most respected state-level polling series like Archibald Crossley’s seminal 1944 election polls, Joe Belden’s Texas Poll, Mervyn Field’s California Poll, the Iowa Poll, the Los Angeles Times Poll, and state exit polls back to 1978.

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ProGov2l is a searchable digital library of progressive policies and practices for local government. It is maintained by COWS, a national think-and-do tank based at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Visitors can explore the database by policy areas like Children & Families, Civil Rights, Community Development, Economic Justice, Environment, Natural Resources, and more. Search results can be filtered by state, year, type of documents (policy brief, ordinance, fact sheet, model law, executive order, act or session law, ballot measure, constitutional amendment), and by level of government (city or town, county, school board, school district, other boards and agencies).

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IPUMS Multigenerational Longitudinal Panel (MLP)

IPUMS USA has released a set of crosswalks to link individual records in full count historical census data between adjacent censuses from 1900 to 1940. These cross-walks contain IDs that link persons between census years. They are intended for use with IPUMS data extracts. To download these data, you must agree to IPUMS USA terms of use and register to create your user account with IPUMS.

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2021 Data Science Research Bazaar, February 3 – February 25 at UW-Madison

This free virtual event is hosted by Data Science @ UW. The theme for 2021 is Data Science for the Social Good. Throughout February, researchers and data scientists from various disciplines and industries will have opportunities to share their work, collaborate, and discuss their data science interests. It also offers workshops on R, Python, mapping models, and cloud-based platforms. Registration is required to attend this event.

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